PYO Football: Jets triumph over Giants

In a game that looked more like Boise State verses Fresno State,the Jets and Giants combined for a record-setting 14 touch downsand 91 points as the Jets flew over the Giants, 50 to 41, in aMajor Division shoot out.

The Jets piled up a 25 to 0 lead as they score four touchdownsin the first six and a half minutes of the game. On the second playof the game, Antonio Ice Man Battaglia ripped off a 21-yard TDrun.

On their next possession, Angelo Lard Bread Spata tallied onanother long TD, this one a run of 24 yards, and he also tossed apass to Phillip Dash Iacono for the extra point.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Giants had a communications problemand when neither deep receiver went for the ball, Battaglia scoopedup the ball and tiptoed into the end zone for a 19 to 0 lead.Battaglia rang up his third TD of the half as he came up withanother long range TD, scoring from the 25-yard line, with abeautiful move at the 15 to shake two would-be tacklers.

The Giants finally got on the scoreboard late in the half andNikolas Tuason scored the first two of his four touchdowns of theday. The first was a 14-yard end sweep and the second finished offa long drive as he went in from the five.

Dominick Raphael added both PATs, closing the Jet lead to 25 to14 at the half. If the first half kept you holding your breath, thesecond half took your breath away as the teams swapped eighttouchdowns in a game which looked like last man standing would bethe winner.

Battaglia scored again on a 25-yard run down the left side linewith Frankie Saracino adding the PAT. Raphael answered back with athree-yard score on a fourth and goal play.

Justin Sun Dance Muccigrosso added the point after for theGiants. But the Jets struck right back as Spata racked up a 37-yardtouchdown on the first play after the Giants’ kick off. The Giantsreturned serve as they took three plays before Tuason drove intothe end zone from the five.

When Jasiah Day Light Raso added the extra point, it was a10-point Jets lead at 38 to 28. That score lasted for less timethan it took to read this sentence as the Jets’ Spata went coast tocoast with the ensuing Giants kickoff to open up what seemed to bea comfortable 44 to 28 lead.

But four minutes later, Raphael barged into pay dirt for afive-yard score. Raso added the point after to narrow the Jets’lead to 44 to 35. The final Jet score of the game was a beautifulhalf back option play with Spata pulling up and lofting a 26-yardspiral to Phillip Dash Iacono who had gotten behind the defendersand went untouched into the end zone with 1:43 left in thegame.

Everyone seemed to finally take a deep breath as it looked likethe Jets had iced the game. But, Tuason had other ideas as he wentcoast to coast with the ensuing kick off to close the gap to 50 to41. But the Jets were able to run out the clock when they got ahold of the Giants on side kick off attempt as they held on totheir 50 to 41 shoot-out victory.

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