DEAR JUDE: PLEASE HELP SASHA’S HAMSTERS…‘Hi, we are cute,three-month-old, little teddy bear hamster girls. We live with ourmommy. We have four brothers that live in a cage next to us. Ourdaddy died so they live by themselves.

We need to find good homes where we can be happy and warm, andmake our caretakers happy. We squeak when we play together. We arefriendly, hand-raised, do not bite and are very athletic. We loveclimbing the cage and running the wheel. We need a cage with somefood and a wheel to run on. Please take us home with you.

Ask for Igor or Sasha. 718-419-1285.

RECALL UPDATE: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued animportant bulletin warning consumers that chicken jerky products(also marketed as chicken tenders, strips or treats) may beassociated with serious illness in dogs. These complaints have beenreported to the government by both dog owners andveterinarians.

The FDA continues to conduct extensive chemical and microbialtesting. What to watch for: Chicken jerky is a treat and shouldnever be a substitute for a balanced diet. The FDA advisesconsumers to monitor animals closely for signs that may occurwithin hours to days of ingesting these products: decreasedappetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes withblood), increased water consumption, increased urination.

Blood tests may indicate kidney failure. Urine tests may showFanconi syndrome (increased blood sugar). Although most dogs arelikely to recover, some deaths have been reported.

ASK JUDE: ‘Hi, I am a little embarrassed to ask, but is it truethat a female cat bleeds the same as a female dog when she’s inheat?’ Turning Red, in Bensonhurst

Dear Red…No, absolutely not. Female cats do not bleed while inheat. If a female cat is bleeding, this could be a warning sign ofother physical problems that need attention. Please call theveterinarian immediately.

CATS & DOGS FOR ADOPTION: Visit to see the photosof adorable pets with their description. Contact information islisted. Celebrate the holidays now…open your heart and your home,adopt a furry friend.

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