Christmas is almost here and at every mall, Santa is workingovertime. His temporary workshops are flanked from morning to nightby hopeful fans, as they wait their turn to be told if they arenaughty and nice.

This month, I have been writing about various ways to avoid theterror of December mall shopping altogether, by supporting localbusinesses and staying closer to home. Next week, yet another localbusiness will offer our neighborhood a chance to slow down andappreciate all that the holiday season has to offer, without apricey toll or a near death experience while competing for the lastiPad 2.

There are tons of local businesses that have kicked it up anotch this year, in an attempt to show their loyal customersappreciation and thanks for another year of patronage.

Jamie-Lynn’s is the perfect place for your holiday celebrations,with food and service that is warm and welcoming. Owned by theamazingly talented young chef and owner, Jamie-Lynn Mollo, the 86thStreet locale is a cozy alternative to the crowded culinarycontenders on the same strip.

With a unique and ever-evolving menu, creative cocktails, abackyard patio and a staff of welcoming servers, the Kitchen hasmade a name for itself as a great spot for delectable dinners withfriends, and amazing brunches on lazy Sundays.

In addition, the Kitchen regularly partners with localbusinesses like Boulevard Books and arts organizations likeBrooklyn One Theater, offering amazing events to benefit the localcommunity. Mollo has also brought something very unique to theculinary scene by offering regular cooking classes, wine tastingsand a number of events for children.

On December 19, the Kitchen will continue this tradition with aBreakfast with Santa event. The $10 ticket includes a breakfastbuffet, a picture with Santa, games, and arts and crafts. The eventlasts from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and reservations are required.

For more ambitious young foodies, the Kitchen will offer agingerbread-making class the next day. For $25, the kids will beable to participate in the culinary class, bringing home theirunique creations just in time for Christmas.

To take the edge off after a long day of shopping (local, ofcourse), swing by Jamie-Lynn’s at 1504 86th Street for a snack or acocktail. For more information on these or any other Kitchenevents, visit www.jamielynnskitchen.com.

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