EDITORIAL: A hero’s welcome

Kudos to the southwest Brooklyn community, which has bandedtogether, once again, this time to assist a neighbor in need, alocal hero who was gravely wounded while serving in the U.SArmy.

Beginning with a bake sale held on Valentine’s Day at VisitationAcademy, area residents – who seem never to miss an opportunity tohelp out — have committed themselves to working with the StephenSiller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to raise money to help constructa smart home for a wounded warrior with deep ties to BayRidge.

PFC Bryan Dilberian’s story is a touching one. A graduate of FortHamilton High School , Dilberian, now 26, lost both legs below theknee and his left arm below the elbow when an improvised explosivedevice detonated near him on a routine U.S. Army patrol inAfghanistan, back in July.

His road to recovery has been long – but area residents aredetermined to make it as smooth as possible, an effort we salute.The kickoff event at Visitation we are sure will be replicated asoften as necessary till the funds to construct the home, which willbe equipped with automated appliances and fixtures that make lifeeasier for the disabled, have been amassed.

There is nothing that anyone can do fully to repay Dilberian andothers who have given so much to defend this country. That said,the local community has thrown itself into the effort with itscustomary enthusiasm, making sure that our soldiers — many of thembased right here at Fort Hamilton — know that we appreciate themand that we value their sacrifices.

Donations can be made at www.tunneltotowersrun.org or sent toTunnel Towers Foundation, 2361 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY10306. Checks should be made out to Stephen Siller Foundation/BryanDilberian. For further fundraising information, call Jack Malone at718-440-5775.

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