Well over 1,000 people instantaneously hit our streets after theNew York Giants won the Super Bowl and it was once again proven tothe rest of the city that our community is truly spectacular.

As you might have read in the papers through the years, sometimespeaceful celebrations turn chaotic. Violence and vandalism oftenoccurs, but not in our community!

Yes, there were horns blowing, yes, there was hooting andhollering, and yes, there even was an impromptu celebratory paradewhere rolls of toilet paper were used instead of confetti asmarchers chanted in joy. But what didn’t occur was violence, fightsor property damage. Our community members celebrated, and then, asrespectful neighbors do, they went home.

Captain Richard DiBlasio and the men and women of the 68th Precinctwere out there in full force, and made sure the celebrationsremained peaceful. They were prepared as plans were made days aheadof time and they were ready, as always, to protect us and ourproperty. It couldn’t have gone any better!

All along Third and Fifth Avenues, Captain DiBlasio had policeofficers walking the beat. The officers conversed with ourmerchants and patrons, making their presence known.

On Sunday night, when the game was over and the streets filled withpeople, the police kept it peaceful. As Captain DiBlasio put it itwas all about celebration! The crowd danced, the crowd sang, thecrowd marched, and when it was over, everyone went home withoutincident.

He was very proud of his officers, the fans, the bar and restaurantowners, and the community for helping to keep things calm, whilestill allowing everyone to have a good time. Captain DiBlasio said,It was a very safe evening and a huge win for everyone.

For those who say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, Ithink they are wrong — as I believe we just did.

It was a great night for our community!

Ilene Sacco,

President, 68th Precinct Community Council

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