LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No ifs, ands or butts

On behalf of the Chinese-American Planning Council’s Smoke-Free Partnership team, I’d like to say how thrilled we are about your article on quitting smoking.

One thing I might add is that the responsibility shouldn’t fall completely on the shoulders of a smoker alone. Oftentimes people smoke without knowing the drastic health repercussions, and that is where we come in — it is our job to educate and stand up against the tobacco industry.

Our Smoke-Free Partnership team works hard to get the word out in the Brooklyn community. Our community needs to know that Big Tobacco spends $1.1 million a day in marketing to New Yorkers alone — this results in 90% of smokers picking up the habit before age 18.

This is shocking but very true. So if you have a friend or family member that you know who partakes in this addictive habit, help them stand up to Big Tobacco and please encourage them to follow these seven tips and quit smoking once and for all.

Lenny Cheng

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