Parkville honors special players

Every child that participates in a Parkville Youth Organizationsports program receives a sport’s participation award. In eachsport, there are also awards special awards for exceptionalperformance

In baseball, awards are given for outstanding batting, hittingand fielding. The Parkville football program recognizes players forexceptional performance as offensive linemen and backs as well asdefensive linemen and backs. There is an award for remarkablesportsmanship and there is the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award tothe child whose superior performance was a major asset to his orher team.

However, the most valued awards presented to a player by theParkville Youth Organization are the memorial and director’sawards. A recipient of either of these awards must demonstrate aset of traits such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect forother players and authority, and value fair play, possess teamcommitment, and embrace cultural diversity.

If a player meets these requirements and has participated inParkville sports for three years, his name is submitted to theboard of directors for final approval. The play must receive a 100percent vote by the board to be rewarded with this distinguishedhonor.

The Major Division Director’s Award for 2011 was presented toNicholas Tiger Heart Mendez. The 2011 Pete Albanese MemorialAward was presented to Antonio Ice Man Battaglia.

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