Little Adelphians, big athletes

It has been a busy year for the athletic department at Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn but also specifically for the academy’s Lower School student-athletes. The fall featured a tennis program run by instructor Steven Carberry of Bay Ridge Sports Camp.

The eight-week program was for students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth and focused on the fundamentals of the game. “The program was a great success. My staff had a wonderful time working with the students. It will now be an easier transition when it is time to join Adelphi’s Upper School tennis team,” said Carberry.

The program ended with each student athlete receiving a different medal highlighting a particular skill. Medals were given for best serve, most improved, and most importantly, sportsmanship.

“The students were very excited when they received their medals. It was great to see the progress they made over the eight weeks. Coach Carberry and his staff did a great job,” said James Pristouris, director of athletics and proud Adelphi alumnus.

The tennis program was immediately followed up by a winter basketball program, “The Little Dribblers.” The program was run by Pristouris who also serves as the head varsity basketball coach. The upper class student-athletes were also involved in assisting with the program as mentors to the younger students.

The program focuses on the basics of the game, primarily dribbling and passing. Each week a new skill is learned and the rules of the game are slowly being introduced. Pristouris believes, “With this program we are accomplishing two things. First, we are introducing the game of basketball to our Lower School students and secondly, we are helping our Upper School students develop leadership and mentoring skills that will benefit them as they move forward in life.”

President and Head of School at Adelphi, Dr. Roy J. Blash and Assistant Head Iphigenia Romanos were thrilled to watch the Lower and Upper School students interact together. Blash credits Adelphi’s approach not only to the academy’s commitment to the education of the total child, but also to the school’s participation and involvement in Adelphi’s Mentoring USA chapter in existence for the last six years.

Romanos states, “The commitment and dedication of our director of athletics makes so many of these programs thrive. Mr. Pristouris and his department are such important parts of our institution.” As is tradition, all student-athlete participants will be honored at Adelphi’s Annual Sports Awards Banquet at the end of the year.

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