Annual Volunteer Students Recognition Ceremony

Teachers, principals, paraprofessionals and guidance counselors came together on May 9 to honor the hard work and dedication of student volunteers at the Maimonides Medical Center in one of the four ceremonies that the hospital hosts annually.

“I would like to express my deeply appreciation to all our students. No matter where you are working, whether it’s an office area assisting staff with clerical duties, in the hospital transporting patients, or interpreting for them, folding linens in the laundry or cleaning tables in the cafeteria, your hard work and willingness to help others make a difference in the lives of our patients, families and staff,” said Alla Zats, director of volunteer services at the hospital in the speech she gave at the breakfast.

Zats called their program “the largest in the city,” with more than 17,000 volunteers contributing over 220,000 hours during this school year.

The program is offered to students in 300 different public and private schools all over the city, including Brooklyn Studio School, Good Shepherd Services, Xaverian High School, and New Utrecht High School.

“You indeed plant the seeds of kindness,” Zats said.

Douglas Jablon, senior vice president of MMC, commented that participants come from all walks of life.

“Our youngest volunteers are 14 years old and the oldest volunteer recently celebrated her 95th birthday. We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful internship programs [with these schools].”

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