RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: It’s My Park Day in the Ridge

Here comes summer! Last week, I wrote about all the wonderful upcoming opportunities for going green in the coming month. One such event will take place on May 19 for New York’s “ It’s My Park Day,” held at 150 parks across the state.

Here in the Ridge, a neighborhood-wide cleanup effort will bring Ridgeites together. Days like these remind us how great it is in a place like Brooklyn. Our borough is a rare locale where neighbors still know your name and the streets are filled on warm summer days with children playing.

The green spaces which dot Brooklyn’s landscape are our greatest resource for summer recreation, providing a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The “It’s My Park Day” event will provide an opportunity for strangers and friends to come together for a wonderful and worthy cause. In the Ridge, work groups will gather at various spots along the beautiful Shore Road to start the cleanup. The day’s activities will include painting, planting, weeding, sweeping, raking and all other forms of garden beautification.

Those born without a green thumb can volunteer to help out with refreshments or sign in. No experience is necessary for volunteers and the day is sure to be an amazing opportunity to beautify the Ridge’s green spaces, while bonding with your fellow Ridge-loving neighbors.

Tons of local organizations, schools and businesses will be sponsoring the event, as well as providing energized clean-up volunteers for the day. Additional groups and sponsors who would like to participate can email the project with contact details at [email protected]. The Shore Road Parks Conservancy invites volunteers to join in beautifying our Bay Ridge Parks by visiting www.facebook.com/shoreroad.

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