Traffic Light Finally Comes to Woodpoint Road and Withers Street

A traffic light was finally installed last week at the intersection of Woodpoint Road and Withers Street, over 20 years after residents and local politicians first requested it from the city.

Still, better late than never, said Tish Cianciotta, a longtime Withers Street resident and Community Board 1 member. “This should have been addressed a long time ago, but we are glad the light was finally installed,” she said as she looked at the alternating red, yellow and green lights.

“Cooper Park Houses are right up the block, not to mention the Bravo Supermarket and several new condos,” added her husband, Guido Cianciotta. “People are always crossing this intersection and now we can do it safely.”

The light was first requested in a August, 1990, letter from Assemblymember Joseph Lentol, to the city Department of Transportation (DOT), which investigated and deemed that it wasn’t necessary. Additional letters from Lentol’s office, Community Board 1, the Concerned Citizens of Withers Street and individual residents were sent over the years. Then in February, 2012, the DOT responded that a new investigation determined that a traffic light was needed and would be installed by June 30th. Fortunately, it arrived ahead of schedule.

“We have been waiting a long time for this light,” said Lentol in a statement. “The safety of this community is of the greatest importance to me, and this traffic light will definitely increase the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.”

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