Muffin’s Pet Connection: Week of August 10

By Jude Lassow

FOSTER OR PERMANENT HOMES NEEDED IMMEDIATELY… MEEEEEOWS, MEEEEOWS: KITTENS – – SOFT ‘N CUDDLY, ORANGE FLUFFS OF COTTON.  BRAN has lots of adorable kitties; this litter of five medium-to long-haired orange and calico kittens came into the BAFN Bottle Baby program several weeks ago.

They were covered in fleas, poor babies. They were treated for fleas; the volunteers have plumped them up and they are now eating voraciously from the bowl. Can you imagine how happy and affectionate these beauties are who think humans are their moms?

BAFN only adopts kittens in pairs unless you have a friendly and tested cat at home.  They will provide you with years of good times and affection. Come meet them to believe!  Call Laurie Bleier, president of BROOKLYN ANIMAL FOSTER NETWORK: BAFN 917-754-3537. Mention reading about the kittens in The Home Reporter.


HEY JUDE: “My neighbors and I have been raising six kittens on our block for almost 10weeks now; their mother was killed.  There are four families feeding and taking care of these cats; the other neighbors do not want them on the block.

“We would love them to be adopted, before they start to multiply. We have called all no kill shelters and rescue groups on Staten Island; they are all full and cannot help us. I have two of my own; one has kidney and thyroid disease; I cannot bring in another kitten now. We would appreciate it very much if you can help us find a safe place for these kittens, or take them in.  Thank you.”  Lorraine, Great Kills in Staten Island, 212-407-7733 from: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.


STRIKE A POSE…THAT’S VOGUE:   The Cutest Pet Photo Contest ends August 21.   Winner will be on the front page of The Home Reporter.  Take far-out pictures, and post on   Now, that’s pawfect fun!


ALERT: ARTHUR DOGSWELL RECALLS CAT CHICKEN JERKY TREATS…One of the nations leading manufacturers of pet treats has issued a voluntary recall of chicken breast treats because of the potential to cause health problems in cats.  The recall follows reports of more than 1,800 dogs in the USA sickened or killed after ingesting chicken jerky treats from China.


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