Landscape Architect Honored At Green-Wood Gala

The Green-Wood Historic Fund held its fifth annual benefit at Brooklyn’s Historic Green-Wood Cemetery on September 13. The benefit, which was attended by 200 people, raised funds to support the extensive projects the cemetery undertakes.

Part of the money raised will be used to repair the damage inflicted by an act of vandalism in the summer. “The funds raised at the GW gala support the Green-Wood Historic Fund, a not-for-profit organization that, among other things, helps maintain, preserve and repair Green-Wood Cemetery’s monuments and buildings of historical, cultural, and architectural significance,” said Courtney Savoia, public relations representative for Green-Wood. The organization also provides funding for cultural and educational events at this national historic landmark.

At the event, renowned landscape artist Nicolas Quennell, founding member of Quennell Rothschild & Partners, was presented with the DeWitt Clinton Award for Excellence, honoring his lifelong commitment to historic preservation.

Quennell and his firm have contributed much beauty to the vast landscape at Green-Wood Cemetery, with projects such as Tranquility Garden, Lotus Grove and Sylvan Water.

Green-Wood President Richard Moylan, who presented the award, said, “Nicholas Quennell has left his creative mark all over the world. At Green-Wood, we are fortunate that our grounds have served as a canvas for his artistry.  He possesses a unique vision and a remarkable ability to integrate new projects into our historic landscape in a way that feels natural and timeless.”

Upon receiving the award, Quennell stated, “In the years since my arrival in New York I have gained enormous pleasure and satisfaction from my work in remarkable places like Green-Wood as well as with a variety of civic organizations – including many years on the board of the Municipal Art Society.”

Among those in attendance were Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Councilmember Sara Gonzàlez and Assemblymember James Brennan, who each praised Green-Wood.

Markowitz said, “Behind every beautiful landscape there is an artist with an eye for detail and the ability to express through nature the space’s character and history. Kudos to Nicholas Quennell… for his groundbreaking work at several New York City attractions, including Prospect Park, and of course, Green-Wood Cemetery.

“Brooklyn and New York City have some of the most gorgeous public spaces anywhere in the world, and it’s due in no small part to visionary architects like Nicholas Quennell and Quennell Rothschild & Partners, who literally put the ‘green’—and every other color—in Green-Wood,” he went on.

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