Lights out for Select Service buses

Lights out!

Those distracting flashing blue lights on Select Bus Service (SBS) buses will soon be a thing of the past, announced MTA New York City Transit on January 18.

The agency said that it was “reacting to specific concerns” in eliminating the lights.

“This measure is being taken to eliminate the possibility of confusing the vehicles with volunteer emergency vehicles, which are entitled by law to use the blue lights,” said the agency in a statement sent to press. “We are currently in the process of developing an alternate means of identifying SBS buses.”

In Bay Ridge, both pedestrians and drivers said that the lights on the S79, which now travels more quickly between its last stop at Fourth Avenue and 87th Street, and the Staten Island Mall, were disturbing since SBS was implemented in early September.

The news was warmly welcomed.

“Those lights are distracting,” said Tamara Gurdiness. “A lot of people complain for good reason.”

Will Ng added, “It’s distracting, especially at night.”

“I’m not sure why they would put then in in the first place,” lamented Gregory H.

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