Aaron Brashear, community advocate and Star of Brooklyn

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Aaron Brashear, a dedicated member and leader within the Greenwood/Park Slope community, jokingly admits that before Brooklyn had him under its spell, he was not a very “civically active” person—a notion somewhat hard to believe considering his now outstanding resume of community work and support.

Brashear recalls his spark for community outreach stemming from residential overdevelopment happening in Park Slope around 2005. While this expansion was at first his general focus, fighting further over-development within the community became a priority.

Although it was difficult to see a silver lining in the addition of about 41 new residential units within five years, Brashear remained optimistic. “We try to remain positive as certain aspects of Brooklyn change,” he explained.

It was certainly not easy to welcome the addition of nearly 100 new neighbors pouring into the community from 2005 to 2010. “You don’t necessarily know your neighbors the way you used to,” Brashear remarked.

CAREER: Playing a huge role in the community as co-founder of the Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, Brashear is also a Community Board 7 member, and a member of the 23rd Street Neighbors Association.

With all of this on his plate, Brashear and his wife manage to run a small but successful graphic design company in the greater New York City area. Their Lost In Brooklyn Studio provides personalized service for all things involving print and web design.

PERSONAL LIFE:  In his spare time, Brashear, alongside wife Mic, enjoys gardening; the couple has created for themselves what they are proud to call a “victory garden.” Brashear also admitted that he is infatuated with the cultures of Hawaii and anything “tiki.”

MOTIVATION: Basically the eyes and ears of his community, Aaron Brashear has become the go-to guy for all things Greenwood. A connoisseur and involved community advocate of Green-Wood Cemetery, Brashear is proud to be a knowledgeable source on the site’s history.

A great source of motivation for Brashear and his wife is the drive to keep their small business afloat, a business that holds Green-Wood Cemetery as one of its largest clients.

“We are true Brooklynites at heart,” Brashear remarked. In this case, keeping the essence and spirit of Brooklyn alive seems to be the most important motivator for him.

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