G train to undergo “full review” by MTA

G train riders are one step closer to getting changes and improvements enacted on their subway line.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has agreed to “undertake a Full Line Review of the G train” and the review will be completed by the end of June 2013,” they announced on Friday, February 22. Residents and politicians signed a petition and rallied in January to pressure the MTA to begin addressing ongoing problems on the train line.

“G train riders spoke. Now, this Full Line Review will give us real answers to lead to real changes,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron, who spearheaded and was one of several area officials who have pushed for the MTA’s review. “Working together in the past, we’ve made dramatic improvements throughout the system — including first-of-their-kind Full Line Reviews that led to better F and L train service.”

Councilmember Brad Lander agreed, noting that “we need to make sure the ‘G’ stands for ‘Great’ and not ‘G-dforsaken’!  The permanent five-stop extension from earlier this year is a first step towards making the G train more than a minor footnote in the city’s transit system, and I’m looking forward to the MTA’s recommendations to improve the line.”

“As the only subway line that connects the Northern Brooklyn to the rest of the borough, it is essential that it functions efficiently and effectively,” added Councilmember Stephen Levin.

For these residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, which are accessible by subway only with the G and L lines, the news sparks some hope.

Greg Richane, who lives near the Nassau stop in Greenpoint, said, “The G train is my lifeline, but it needs help.  Sometimes the platform is so crowded I just decide to walk twenty minutes to the L train.  We’ve had a lot of growth along the G train, but subway service hasn’t kept up.  The G train is not dependable, and it’s not predictable.  I never know how long I’m going to be waiting for a train.  The full-line review will be an important step toward improving service.”

Richane is a member of Riders Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group that supported and joined in the petition, also expressed cautious optimism about the news.

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