Brooklyn bounces into spring with the newly opened Squibb Bridge

Just over three months after a renovated Pier 5 reopened in Brooklyn Bridge Park, signalling a change towards more recreational and community activity space in the area, the Squibb Park Bridge has opened its “wobbly” self to the public.

The first tentative feet walked on the new bridge on Thursday, March 21 – a perfect windy morning to test the strength of a bridge that was designed to sway.

“It is designed to be lightweight and flexible. The bridge will bounce as you walk over it,” warns a sign posted on the Middaugh Street entrance.

Made from rot-resistant Black Locust wood and bronze and galvanized steel support cables, the 244-foot Squibb Park Bridge slopes down 40 feet to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1, offering pedestrians an unobstructed panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn waterfront shoreline.

The bridge cost $5 million to build and was designed by Ted Zoli of HNTB Corporation. The unique material was used to help it fit into the historic character of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights.

Although it isn’t much of a shortcut to taking side streets down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, the bridge makes the Park more accessible to wheelchairs.

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