Editorial: Brooklyn is a fabulous feast

With the launch of this year’s Dine in Brooklyn event – – the borough’s 10th annual Restaurant Week – residents from Bay Ridge to Canarsie, Brooklyn Heights to Sheepshead Bay, get a chance, once again, to sample the many and varied delights offered by a vast array of Brooklyn eateries.

This year, nearly 200 restaurants are participating, with special, three-course meals ranging in price (depending on time and restaurant) from two for $20.13 to $28 each. That’s almost twice the number of eateries that joined in the very first event. The growth and sustainability of the event are both evidence of the borough’s burgeoning dining scene, and the strength of its culinary reputation.

As Borough President Marty Markowitz notes, “The greatest compliment Parisians give to food is ‘tres Brooklyn.’”

Brooklyn is clearly no longer playing second fiddle to Manhattan when it comes to food.

That’s great news for the borough’s residents and businesses, on a number of fronts.

For one thing, it means that a top-notch meal is likely just a short walk or brief ride away.

For another, the growth of the food industry in Brooklyn offers a huge economic boost to the borough, providing jobs to residents – who also enjoy dining here — as well as attracting visitors from across the East River and even further afield. They, in turn, will spend money here, not only on a great meal, but at the borough’s shops and its entertainment venues, as well.

The end result is to strengthen the borough’s business climate, making it even more appealing as a place to live and visit. This, in turn, means that property values here will rise, which will increase Brooklyn’s attractiveness to entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, which want to gain a foothold in such a hot, hopping place.

It’s a great cycle to be in, to be sure, and to keep it going, Brooklynites should make a point of patronizing local establishments, not only during Restaurant Week but all year long.

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