Williamsburgh Savings Bank clock is repaired and will tick on

The clock atop the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building at One Hanson Place has been fixed and was lit on Tuesday night, March 19.

The 84-year-old, hand-set clock required extensive repairs before lighting up the night sky again. “Brooklyn has its wristwatch back,” declared Harvey Kreiswirth, board president at One Hanson Place, the condominium and event space in the building. “The residents and owners. . . are proud to have fixed the clock, and are happy to provide this beacon for the whole city to enjoy.”

At 37 stories and 512 feet tall, the clock towers is one of the tallest in the world, and the second tallest in the borough.

The clock features original parts from 1929, except for 110-volt electric motors, which were added in 2008. The clock faces are 17-feet in diameter and have two aluminum hands each — a 9-foot-long hour hand and a 12’6″ minute hand. They are set by hand each morning via custom steel socket wrench and a digital clock a a guide.

The building was completed in 1929 by architects Halsey, McCormack and Helmer.

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