Networking the night away with CPEX

Over 100 attendees of CPEX’s REX Night networking event mixed and mingled the night away against a backdrop of sprawling 360 degree views of the borough.

The event, also sponsored by the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator, was held at the rooftop of Fairfield Inn and Suites in Brooklyn on Thursday, May 16.

“We teamed up with Schneps Communications to do quarterly events in different neighborhoods to connect with owners, tenants and residents throughout Brooklyn. The first one took place in Bay Ridge, this one is in Park Slope, and we will hold the next one in Bushwick in the fall,” explained Gregory Roberts, CPEX’s Chief Operating Officer. “At the end of the day, it’s just to introduce ourselves so people know who we are. We thought this would be a great venue, where you can look downtown and see what’s going on and check out the arena.”

Timothy King, Managing Partner of CPEX, added, “This is a gathering of colleagues, new friends and old friends. At CPEX, our business flourishes on relationships, not salesmanship.”

“We host these events to help connect service-oriented businesses like ours with local business owners and real estate owners,” added Brian Leary, Managing Partner of CPEX. “These types of events allow our team and others to connect in person in a friendly environment and build relationships that will hopefully be long-term and mutually beneficial.”

Carlos Matos, Sales Manager at CPEX, said it was important to have an event before the summer began. “We expect this to be an evening of reacquainting before everyone leaves for the summer,” he said. “Maybe people will finish up some deals and see what everyone in our business thinks of what’s going on in Brooklyn.”

Those who were mingling said they were expecting to make some new connections.

Dianne Zieminski is not new to the banking world, but is a new member of the Astoria Federal team. She is the vice president of the branch on Fifth Avenue near 10th Street.

“I am expecting to meet new people. I am trying to get involved with as many affiliates and groups as possible in the Park Slope area,” she said.

Donna Bates and Rodwell Doris are partners in a Bed-Stuy-based small business that provides services such as employment drug testing and notary services.

“We are here to network, see what the neighborhood has to offer and take it from there,” Bates said.

Sean Farley and Devin Sullivan left Wall Street to form a residential firm in Garden City called Novus Prime Properties.

“It’s all about networking, that’s the name of the game,” Farley said. “Now it’s all about who you know.”

Marc Freud is the owner of the Fairfield Inn and Suites. He said he was happy to host such an event.

“It’s terrific that Brooklyn has come very much into its own, which creates a spectrum of events where people mix business with interesting conversation,” he said.

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