ASK THE DA: Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month

                June is Caribbean Heritage Month which my office celebrates by recognizing the accomplishments of Caribbean Americans throughout our history, including those who have been extraordinary members of our community.

                In June 2005, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee introduced a resolution marking June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month, encouraging all Americans to celebrate and learn more about the rich history and culture of Caribbean Americans in the United States.  Since 2006 when the resolution passed with bipartisan support, the White House has issued an annual proclamation recognizing June as Caribbean Heritage Month.

                As said by President Obama “Caribbean Americans have shaped every aspect of our society…enhancing our arts and humanities as titans of music and literature, spurring our economy as intrepid entrepreneurs, making new discoveries as scientists and engineers, serving as staunch advocates for social and political change, and defending our ideals at home and abroad as leaders in military.”

                We are indeed fortunate for the Caribbean immigrants that saw our great country as a land of opportunity.  The fabric of America has been woven together by the immigrants that have made this great Nation its home, and is as strong as it is due to its diversity.  Caribbean immigrants and their descendants have enriched our own traditions by weaving new threads into our country’s cultural fabric.

                Also, it is during this month that we are reminded of what a large and diverse constituency Caribbean Americans in fact are.  This month we are drawn together to recognize the tremendous contributions of Caribbean Americans that have so enhanced our national character with their many achievements born from their hard work ethic and ambition.

But Caribbean Americans can be recognized this month and every month by their talent and love for the arts, music and life itself, as well as their commitment to faith and family.

                On June 18th from 11:30 to 2:00 we will be celebrating this year’s honoree’s contributions and achievements at the Tropical Paradise Ballroom & Banquet Hall located at 1367 Utica Avenue. For additional information contact (718) 250-4850.

                I would like to offer my congratulations to this year’s honorees:  Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Sandra Chapman, Jean P. Alexander, one of the founders and Executive Director of the Caribbean American Center of New York, Robert Omar Gordon, owner of Footprints Café, Daphnee Supris & Emmanuel Tropnasse, owners of Vodou Bar, Rev. Clive Neil, Pastor of Bedford Central Presbyterian Church, Pastor Gil Monrose, Pastor of Mt. Zion Church of God, Travis Roberts, leader of the Casym Steel Band, and Patrick Fuller, Community Achiever.

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