UNSUNG BAY RIDGE: People, places and things below the radar that positively impact Bay Ridge lifestyles


One Bay Ridge neighbor who has undoubtedly made a difference in our community is Joan Regan. Joan saw land that was being overrun by weeds and rats and decided to do something about it.

She got together with a few other like-minded souls and founded the Narrows Botanical Garden which extends on Shore Road from Bay Ridge Avenue to 72nd Street. This move was excellent in its timing, as it occurred at the same time the Bay Ridge Parks and Waterfront Council was cleaning the parks in that area.

The committeeÂ’s initiative led by Joan offered trees in the garden for adoption, thus providing the funds for plants, flowers and additional clearing

Many cultural events have sprung up in that park as a result of the beautiful gardens, from movie nights to dog shows, which brought joy to the entire community. Joan also serves as president of her block association. Thanks, Joan, for all you do to enhance our neighborhood.


The Annual Cigar Night, sponsored by Bob Golden and Bill Guarinello, has become an event that is lots of fun while supporting a good cause. This year, it will be held on September 6 from 6 p.m. at Xaverian High School (outdoors). There will be great food, free cigars and prizes. The cost is $175.00 per person, to benefit Xaverian. Call 718-836-7100, ext. 167 for additional information or reservations.

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to our very own District Attorney, Charles Hynes and his beautiful wife, Pat. Joe and Pat enjoy living in Bay Ridge and we enjoy having them. They will celebrate with their six children and sixteen grandchildren. We wish them many more happy and healthy ones.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Cayenne Pepper for Shingles

One folk remedy for shingles that is not well known is applying cayenne pepper to kill the nerve pain. The pepper must be mixed with something to make it a paste.

Some people mix it with aloe vera gel, others with tahini paste, etc. The purpose is to make it stick to the lesions. The cayenne pepper is said to bring relief within minutes.

Please consult your doctor if you are on any medication.

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