Muffin’s Pet Connection: Cookie needs a home


“Meow Meow! I am the one-and-only Cookie, a beautiful 1 1/2 year-old black ‘n white tuxedo cat, always dressed and ready to go. I am the cat’s meow. I have silky fur, pretty green eyes, and a loud purr, plus I love to cuddle. I grew up on West 9th Street in Gravesend where I made lots of friends and everyone watched over me. They made sure I was spayed, vaccinated, and protected from the cold and stormy weather (including Sandy) and then when I had a little accident and sprained my foot, they made sure I had the best medical care. Luckily there were no broken bones. Everyone loves me so much and knows how friendly I am. They decided I could not go back outside. And thanks to the incredibly supportive staff at the office of the veterinarian, Dr. Linda Jacobson, they are letting me stay there until I find a good home.  I am neat, cheerful and have a great, warm personality – I will brighten your day!  I am in excellent health. Sometimes I am shy on the first introduction, but once I know you, I will only want to be with you. I am the one for you. If you are interested in meeting me, please call Nancy Romeu at 917-306-9431 or contact the office of Dr. Linda Jacobson at 718-376-8957. Mention Muffin’s at the Home Reporter newspaper.

WOOF WOOF: ORLANDO is an outgoing, two-year-old, 60 pound, male Terrier X, neutered and vaccinated. Although he is blind in one eye, he is an active dog who needs play and exercise. Orlando is not aggressive with other dogs. Contact George.  718-369-9628

PAWS 2 READ:  For my birthday, Cat D surprised me with three great books.  The first book I read was “The Dalai Lama’s Cat,” a novel by David Michie. The trials and tribulations, narrated by the rescued cat, are about a stray kitten, taken from its mom, dropped on the ground, causing damage to its hind legs. The muddy kitty, wrapped in a newspaper, was rescued from the slums ofNew Delhi and given a new life in the Dalai Lama’s beautiful sanctuary overlooking the snow-cappedHimalayas.  His Holiness’s compassion saved this unwanted kitten.  She was known as HHC, the Snow Lion, Rinpoche, and more names.  This book is a keeper.

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