Unsung Bay Ridge: A life spent in service


I am honored to celebrate a true unsung hero who was born in Bay Ridge and devoted her entire life in service to others. Sister Margaret Forsyth is a Notre Dame nun, who had served as a school principal, and returned to Bay Ridge 25 years ago to help her mother.

Sister Forsyth was later appointed director of education and youth services at the Fort Hamilton Army Base. She worked with Bay Ridge youth groups and cared for hundreds of children at Fort Hamilton.

Still going strong, she has refused to retire. Instead, she volunteers her services at a home for single mothers in Queens. She also volunteers at St. Anselm’s, since that parish is operated by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Margie is truly my spiritual inspiration.


I was delighted to welcome a son of Bay Ridge back for a visit after living in Wisconsin for over 25 years. He was thrilled to be in his hometown once again and said that the few changes he observed did not affect the feeling of the Bay Ridge he once knew.

He commented that “it feels the same.” He told us that he faithfully reads The Home Reporter in Wisconsin. We hope Pastor Ellisen comes back soon.

St. Finbar’s Parish will be performing lessons and carols on Sunday, December 1at 4 p.m. This beautiful tradition of reading from sacred scripture and songs will be held in the Upper Church.

You are invited to read about the mysteries of salvation, history from the prophecy of the coming messiah through the incarnation and birth of Jesus. Readings and songs will be in Spanish and English. For additional information, please call 718-236-3312.


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Please consult your doctor if you are ill or on any medication.

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