Street Talk: What is your favorite part of the winter holidays?

“My favorite thing is probably looking at the snow. I love it.”

Natalie S.

Bay Ridge


“I love baking. My favorites are the cookies shaped as Christmas trees.”

Tina N.

Bay Ridge


“My favorite thing is that feeling of togetherness everyone has during the holidays.”

Joshua P.

Bay Ridge


“I love going to Mass during Christmas and singing “Silent Night” with everybody. Everyone is crying at church during it.”

Catherine B.

Bay Ridge


“That’s an easy question: getting presents.”

John Z.

Bay Ridge


“Honestly, eating food with my family.”

Karla C.

Bay Ridge


“I just love spending Christmas with my family.”

Patricia S.

Bay Ridge


“The Christmas dinner that my family and I have together.”

Billy W.

Bay Ridge

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