Unsung Bay Ridge: On the spot salute


This week, I have chosen to spotlight Francis Prosciath Precinct Auxiliary Force.

Francis also volunteers as an officer of the 68th Precinct Community Council. He served as vice-president when the late, great Michael Behlen was president of the council.

Francis can be seen at community events such as parades, festivals and church festivities trying to maintain order. I do not know where he finds the time to do all that he does.

He is also a fire protection inspector of the District 12 Office Bureau of Fire Prevention. I think it is time to say “thank you” for the thousands of hours dedicated to the safety of our community.

Thank you, Francis.


A very special “Happy Birthday” to my dear friend Peter Killenth Precinct. He was past president of the Bay Ridge Community Council and currently is executive director of the Bay Ridge Consumer Federation. Many more happy and healthy ones, Pete.

A Bay Ridge Welcome to the new ‘Jericho’ family restaurant business at 7701 Fifth Avenue. My wife and I were given a menu by a very personable young man who told us that he and his family have taken over the restaurant.

We sampled their meals and everything we ate was delicious and very reasonably priced. We wish Alex and his family every success with their new venture.


Belly fat is one problem that many adults would like to overcome without the help of liposuction. Asparagus is a highly nutritious vegetable that is said to help reduce belly fat. It is high in potassium, and the UCLA Medical Center has reported that it is number one vegetable for detoxifying the body.

It helps to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis because of its Vitamin K content. Studies have shown that it also assists in reducing urinary tract infections and kidney stones. For best impact, cut and eat raw in salads.

Please consult your doctor if you are ill or on any medication.

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