Hot match on the gridiron for PYO peewees

In a recent game between Parkville Youth Organization’s Peewee Division Steelers and Saints, the Steelers began in high gear, moving the ball to the two-yard line with blood, guts and muscle.

Then Salvatore Miciotta took to the air and found Carlo Miciotta to draw first blood. The Saints came back with a vengeance, with Alex Gonzalez running 38 yards, breaking two tackles, to tie the score 6-all.

The Steelers attacked again with a 10-yard spiral from Sal Miciotta to Luka Skoda, placing the Steelers on the four-yard line. It looked like they were going to score again before the end of the first half but they didn’t figure on Alex Gonzalez and Aiden Farley of the Saints being on the scene. They refused to yield an inch and with the support of the rest of the Saints stopped the Steelers dead in their tracks.

JoJo Nardiello opened the second half with a Steeler 34 yard run to the one yard line. This awesome run set up Sal Miciotta for his second touchdown pass to Skoda and Carlo Miciotta added the extra point to seize the lead 13 to 6.

Gonzalez evened the score 13-all with an outstanding four-yard run, breaking tackles along the way and the extra point.

This action-packed game wasn’t over yet for the Steelers. They produced a 35-yard TD run by Sal Miciotta who also scored the extra point. The Saints fought their way all the way to the one yard line but were not able to score.

Outstanding players in this contest were Nardiello, Davis Figueroa, Oscar Zheng and Sean Della Torre for the Steelers. The Saints gave an awesome performance with Gonzalez, Farley, Thomas Robert Fegan, Christian Morban and Dennis Urena.

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