Muffin’s Pet Connection: New Year homes needed

FA-LA-LA-LA, HOLIDAY REFLECTIONS AND ADOPTIONS...Looking back on the months gone by, hundreds of homeless pets were given a try. They are now cozy and snuggly warm, rescued from a New York storm.
Lil Itty Bitty Kitty Committee of Bay Ridge has 20+ healthy cats, who are friendly, love belly pats, and are ready for a new journey with YOU. Kazmir, Bat Girl and Cat Girl Oh, did I mention, Baby, a white cat with charcoal grey markings? Her family was evicted; her gentle spirit needs to be lifted. As a new year begins and we ponder about our many joys, let us make A NEW RESOLUTION: SAVE-A-LIFE; adopt an older pet. Calming purrs and wagging tails, their positive energies enrich our lives. Get ready to embrace an exciting New Year, with faith, hope and a cat or dog who needs YOU. Have a wonderful 2014! To meet and greet any of these adorable kitties, please call Dagney at 718-833-2678 or George at 917-889-5896, andmention the Spectator or Home Reporter newspaper. Thank you and God Bless! To be continued...***Pawfect cat mews…CORNELIUS, the missing 13-year-old red and white tabby cat, is back home after his 17-day adventure.Hi Jude, Someone in the neighborhood had seen one of our signs, and saw him yesterday across the street from our house. He called, and we ran out and got him. This was yesterday morning, so we really did have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving! Cornelius is fine, lost some weight, but other than that seems okay. Thanks again for your help and concern! –Kathi***NEW YEAR HOMES NEEDED: Kitties Tabitha and Valentino were found in an empty lot full of debris and garbage. They were emaciated, frightened and starving. Today, they are lovable, responsive cats with engaging playful personalities…

Picasso is a five-month-old black and white tuxedo male. He is shy, but warms up quickly….

Miss Houdini, a stunningly beautiful black and white tuxedo, is about six-months old. She is extremely affectionate, playful, smart and a great escape artist with an adorable personality.

Please call Lil Itty Bitty Kitty Committee of Bay Ridge718-833-2678.

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