Unsung Bay Ridge: Decades of service


This week’s “Person of the Week,” Tony Christo, is a man long overdue for public recognition. I would like to acknowledge his outstanding community service for the past 42 years as an auxiliary NYPD commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South.

He is responsible for the auxiliary volunteer officers in 13 precincts. Tony spends a great deal of his time at the 68th Precinct, and I have seen him at almost every public event in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. He is always in uniform, making sure everyone is safe and having fun.

Tony somehow finds the time to work as an auto sales manager, though he is on duty seven days a week as an officer, and hardly ever takes a vacation. Hats off to him for his thousands of volunteer hours dedicated to our community.


The Bay Ridge Community Council’s presidents luncheon will be held at the Bay Ridge Manor on Saturday, February 1 at 12 noon. Past presidents, representatives of member groups, Council Civic Award winners and elected officials will attend. For reservations or additional information, please call 718-836-6624.

The board of Bishop Ford High School welcomes a new chairperson, who is no other than Myles Davis, current senior vice president of Lutheran Medical Center. Myles is a former faculty member of Bishop Ford, who intends to enhance the role of the school in Brooklyn. We wish him well and I know he will have much success.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Super brain yoga to improve memory

If you are tired of going into a room for something and then forgetting what you came into the room to get, try this remedy for balancing both sides of the brain. The results have been phenomenal in treating autistic kids, those with behavior problems, mild dementia patients and those who just want to improve their memory recall. It balances both sides of the brain.

Every day for five minutes, grip your right ear lobe with your left hand and your left ear lobe with your right hand. Stoop while inhaling in this position and stand while exhaling. That’s it, for five minutes per day. Neuroscientists have taken brain scans and agree that it works.

Please consult your doctor if you are ill or on any medication.

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