Common Sense: Sing Sing University

Incredible, outrageous, insane — those are just some of the words that have been used to criticize Governor Cuomo’s proposal to provide tuition free state university system college degrees to incarcerated felons. This proposal might be the most universally denounced item he has put forward since being elected.

Considering the pushback he has received in his attempt to provide the children of illegal aliens with a state-subsidized public higher education known as the Dream Act, I cannot imagine he should be all that surprised with the reaction.

Essentially and not surprisingly, the only ones supporting this idea are prisoner rights groups and The New York Times. As a result, I do not think we will be running into too many ex-cons claiming they got their degree at Attica in the near future.


The pothole situation along our streets and highways is the worse I have ever experienced. Flat tires, wheels badly out of alignment and undercarriage damage are going to be some of the not-so-fond memories of the harsh conditions we have experienced during the past two months.

The Department of Transportation has filled over 113,000 potholes so far this year vs. around 60,000 for the same period last year during a more pleasant winter. I find it amazing that that there could be 113,000 potholes to fill. DOT deserves a lot of credit. I also find it equally amazing that they seem hardly to have made a dent in what appears to be a very healthy crop springing up all the time.

City workers and in particular those who work primarily outside have more than earned their salaries over the past few months. Patrolling a street, putting out a fire, collecting the garbage, removing the snow or filling a pothole are especially tough, undesirable jobs when the temperatures are regularly below freezing and the snow is piling up.


State Senator Marty Golden, whom I serve as chief of staff, will be holding an important town hall concerning drug problems in the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights community on Thursday, February 27 at 7 p.m. at P.S. 170, 7109 Sixth Avenue.

Drug problems among our youth never seem to go away. Unfortunately, we have been seeing an increase in use and sales with a resulting increase in violence and even deaths. The problem is not only with the misuse of prescription drugs especially pain killers but also cocaine and even heroin.

Senator Golden will be bringing together government agencies and organization that can help and provide answers to parents and concerned citizens.

All are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions about this town hall, call Senator Golden’s office at 718-238-6044 or at


I was very sorry to read that the original Junior’s restaurant on Flatbush Avenue will be closing to make room for a high-rise. A Brooklyn landmark that first opened in 1950, it was not just known for its cheesecake, but also as a place that a wide and diverse range of people flocked to for breakfast or a meeting.

Politicians from local elected officials to mayors and even presidents have dropped by. It was a must, like Nathan’s, on the campaign trail. And on Sunday mornings, it was filled with men, women and children in their church going finest.

The original Junior’s will be missed.

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