Editorial: Pre-k counts

It’s time to move forward, once and for all, on fulltime universal pre-Kindergarten.

When children get a good educational grounding early on, it serves them well throughout their school career – all the way through college and beyond.

In terms of the nuts and bolts details, the city is already poised to expand pre-Kindergarten, offering a full-day program to 53,600 children in September, 2014, up from 20,000 now. And, planning is underway to continue the program’s expansion, to 73,000 children the following September.

All that’s necessary to make good on the plans is money, but competing plans on how to fund the program – from Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo – put the entire expansion in jeopardy.

It’s time for our leaders to get together and hammer out a plan that assures the viability of full time universal pre-K.

Our children deserve no less.


We’re all for the mayor’s Vision Zero Action Plan. In fact, pedestrian safety is one of our major concerns.

But we feel like telling Mayor Bill de Blasio What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Last week, the mayor’s motorcade was caught on video speeding and committing multiple traffic infractions — only two days after he admonished drivers that we all have each other’s lives in our hands.

De Blasio spent a few days hedging the issue, but this week he admitted, No one’s above the law.

Every city employee needs to respect the law, myself included, needs to respect the traffic laws, needs to comport themselves in a way that’s safe, de Blasio added.

We couldn’t agree more, though the mayor made it very clear that I don’t tell the NYPD how to do their work when it comes to protecting me; they’re the experts.

Well, Mr. Mayor, let’s all take our own advice in order to implement Vision Zero and bring traffic fatalities to a screeching stop.

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