Fontbonne honors Varsity players on Senior Night

“I’ve coached a lot a years at Fontbonne,” said Head Coach Stephen Oliver. “But this has been one of one of the best teams for me since the seniors were leaders for the rest of the team.” In particular, Oliver thanked his four senior players, Kristen Sullivan, Liz Serrone, Christina Calascione and his daughter Kate Oliver.

During halftime of the game with St. Saviour — which the Bonnies went on to went win 53-13 — the team’s junior players honored their senior sisters with fond memories, a bouquet of flowers and a personalized painting of their own uniform painted by local artist Christine Kennedy, a Fontbonne alumna mom.

Noting that coaching can be a very challenging grind, Oliver made special mention of one senior that made coming to the many practices and the games this season a pleasure. “I could say a lot about my daughter, but Liz Serrone made me smile each time she was on the court. No matter if I criticized or praised her, she always had a smile on her face and that meant a lot to me.”

As for outgoing senior daughter Kate Oliver, the four year Varsity player stated, “It’s been like a roller coaster ride with my dad. I’ve gotten used to his two roles as a father and a coach.” Admitting that she’s always managed the pressure to perform to her father’s high expectations, Kate fondly stated, “Looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The Bonnies may be losing one Oliver to college, but Stephen Oliver has no current plans to leave. Basketball enthusiast Oliver — who originally came to coach at Fontbonne at the invitation of Athletic Director Donna Schirippa on a “one year deal” — states that the last seven years have just flown by.

After “getting the approval” from older daughter Jill to coach her team in 2007, Oliver’s vision of “watching high school games with a cup of coffee from the eighth row” has simply changed for the better.

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