Generally Speaking: Good Friday procession over the Brooklyn Bridge

Jonathan FrommWe joined thousands of fellow Catholics and Christians of other faiths as we trekked across the bridge to Ground Zero.The first four Stations of the Cross were recited, along with hymns and passages of the Gospel, inside the Brooklyn Cathedral, on the bridge, at City Hall, at Ground Zero and finally at St. Peter’s Church on Barclay Street.

The procession began with a service conducted by Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and a brief homily by Timothy Cardinal DolanJohn Barlett from Staten Island who carried the cross into Ground Zero, past the new Freedom Tower and on to St. Peter’s Church.

Father Richard Veras * * *

American Legionnaire Howie DunnDean Tettonis in support of the Wounded Warriors. Tettonis, who collected the money by doing car washes on Shore Road, met Dunn at the Bridgeview Dinner where he in turnpresented Tettonis with a Wounded Warrior sweatshirt for his generous contribution.

* * *

Twin brothers Petros and Nicholas SpanakosNew York Daily News at the Barclay Center in Downtown Brooklyn, on April 17.

* * *

Our hearty congratulations to retired educators Edward and Alba Savage who were presented with pins and certificates from the National AARP at the April monthly meeting of the Bay Ridge AARP, for their outstanding community service. Alba Savage is the volunteer program director for the local AARP chapter.

* * *

What a surprise to see a vintage photo on last week’s editorial page that we took 50 years ago at the 1964 New York World’s Fair of some young seamen from the Bluejackets Guard USA Corps of Naval Cadets.At the time, the Guard members had toured the Fair and earlier had performedat the New York State Tent of Tomorrow Pavilion with their band, color guard and a drill team.This writer back then had the rank of chief warrant officer, and was the group’s public affairs officer.

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