Etiquette Boss: It’s tea time


Afternoon Tea and High Tea

At this time of year, many families are preparing for their European summer vacation. Excitement is high as decisions and reservations are being made.

Formal tea is a “must” on many agendas, especially if London is a destination. Last summer, I tried to make a reservation for tea while in England, and discovered that most of the reputable venues were booked almost six months before the summer.

Many restaurants advertise “high tea” because it sounds more elegant, but what they are really offering is afternoon tea in a formal setting. You should know the real difference so that you can make an educated choice.

High tea is served later in the day than afternoon tea. It is served around five o’clock, a time when the average person is hungry.

Traditionally, it was served on a high table, such as a kitchen table, because it was a much heartier meal, comprised of hot or cold meats in addition to bread and tea, as opposed to “afternoon tea,” which was served on a low table, such as a side table positioned next to a sofa in the sitting room.

Afternoon tea was served as an occasion for ladies to come visit each other to chit chat over tea, sandwiches and scones. Your “High Tea” would entail many more food choices than your “Afternoon Tea.” If your reservation is around 3 p.m., it is afternoon tea, though it might be served in a formal manner. Enjoy the experience.

BEAUTY TIPS: Glowing Skin

You may or may not have a beauty regimen, but if you apply any cream or product to your face at night, it might be worth the effort to add one small routine before applying your nightly cream to boost its effectiveness.

Purchase a small quantity of powdered Vitamin C (health food store) and a bottle of distilled water. Every evening cleanse your face and follow up by mixing a half teaspoon of the vitamin C powder with enough water to melt the powder. Use a cotton bud to apply the liquid to your face and neck. Wait until dry and apply your lotion. Do not use if your lotion contains an AHA or glycolic acid, as the combination might irritate your skin.

The vitamin C powder liquid makes the skin sensitive to sunlight, so only use at night. You should see greater results from your face cream.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.

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