Muffin’s Pet Connection: Diagnosis is the key to treatment

MUFFIN’S APPLAUDS DR. ADRIAN ALEXANDRU of the Bay Ridge Animal Clinic, who was awarded The Veterinary Medical Association of New York City’s Distinguished Life Service Award. It is the highest honor presented to members of the VMANYC.

This award acknowledges individuals of the highest expertise in the profession. Dr. Alexandru has served his community for over 35 years, and has been a faithful member and has actively and fully partaken in association activities. I am honored to have networked with him since 1978.

When I first joined Friends of Animals back then, I encouraged Dr. Alexandru to join its discount spay/neuter program. He was the first veterinarian in Brooklyn to participate in this worthwhile program.

Along with FOA, he works with the ASPCA, MUFFIN’S, SOS and RESCUERS, the Grassroots organizations — the hub of our animal community. I was a newbie to the animal community, unaware of the horrific plights of cats and dogs, and the devastating cause and effect with pet over-population. There were hundreds of homeless, frightened animals wandering the streets, searching for food and shelter- resulting in unwanted, unhealthy inbred litters.

Fixing felines is the solution to stopping unwanted births, which can occur every three months. A nursing mother cat is very fertile after giving birth–she become pregnant while nursing. In seven years, one unspayed female cat and her offspring can reproduce 420,000 kittens.

Whenever a problem arises about our furry friends, I refer them to Dr. Alexandru. Diagnosis is the key to treatment, said Dr. Alexandru. Humans become their pets’ doctors once they are home. His compassionate and knowledgeable staff is in sync with animal issues. His patience, nurturing and calm demeanor are reassuring to anxious pet parents.

When Mouse, my then-5 ½-year-old, eight-pound cat, was yellowing, lethargic, losing weight, vomiting and drinking lots of water, Dr. Alexandru treated him in his office for 17 days. Mouse’s liver was shutting down. He had two IVs in his paws, ate and kept his food down.

Dr. Alexandru, his attending physician, referred to him as ‘our exceptional boy.’ Now at age seven, Mouse is a healthy 15-pound, muscular kitty. He is a mellow fellow, who’s not yellow! May Dr. Alexandru continue to serve our community for many years to come…Thank you and God Bless!

THROW-AWAY DOG LOOKING FOR HOME… BOB, an energetic, playful, three-year-old, male Foxhound/Beagle mix, is at Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC Shelter). He was found with a rope collar and leash, and brought to the23rd Streetprecinct. He howls; he was returned. He was aggressive with the owner, but is good with her children and other pets. His separation anxiety is being worked on. Please e-mail

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