Unsung Bay Ridge: Aim high


This week’s unsung hero is John Mapes

Master Sergeant Mapes and I worked together on many community projects, as he organized military personnel and their families to help clean our parks. He has since retired from active service but continues to work at the Fort Hamilton Army Base in a civilian capacity.

However, John has not retired from community service, as he helps organize many Christmas parties and other fundraisers for veterans who need assistance. John and his beautiful wife, TheresaHowie Dunn and the American Legion. They are also actively involved in raising funds to help fight domestic violence.

Hats off to John, who continues to make a difference in our community.


I am always delighted when a native Bay Ridge resident returns to visit our community after many decades’ absence. However, when that person happens to be my niece, it is cause for personal celebration.

This week it was my pleasure to take my niece, Dr. Anna JacobsonKathleen. She expressed delight that “Leske’s is still here!” Welcome back, Anna.

Friends of Historic New Utrecht is pleased to invite you to a free jazz concert on Sunday, June 29, at 2:30pm. Jazz On A Summer Afternoon will feature the Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet at the New Utrecht Reformed Church Parish House, 18th Avenue and 84th Street. Please call 718-256-7173 for further information.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Golden Raisins for Arthritis

This folk remedy for arthritis relief involves the soaking of golden raisins with gin. Place the raisins in a bowl, and pour enough gin over them to cover the raisins. After approximately one week, the gin should have completely soaked into the raisins.

Eat nine gin-soaked raisins every day. Place the gin soaked raisins in a clean jar and cover with a tight lid. They do not need to be refrigerated.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or on any medication.

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