Brooklyn Education: Cutting-edge technology at Fontbonne

It is an exciting time to be a student at Fontbonne Hall Academy. When Principal Mary Ann Spicijaric arrived at the school in 2013, she recognized that technology would play a crucial role in the development of her students into professional women and leaders of tomorrow. The school signed up for Google Apps for Education, a free suite of education tools, and instituted a “bring your own device” program.

In late 2013, Fontbonne’s plans to strengthen technology to meet its future goals took an exciting turn when the school was selected to test a new Google product.

At Google’s request, one of Fontbonne’s teachers used and provided feedback on a product in development, Classroom.Classroom is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that lets teachers create and organize assignments quickly, give comments efficiently, and communicate easily with their students. It lets students organize their work, complete and turn it in, and communicate directly with their teachers and peers.

In early 2014, Google asked the entire school to test Classroom and provide feedback. To assist in the development of the product, teachers and students provided daily comments to Google about any changes they thought should be made.

One of the additions suggested by teachers was the question and answer tool, which Google incorporated.The experiences of teachers and students at Fontbonne are featured in Google’s promotional materials for the new product.

Beginning in September 2014, all freshmen will receive Chromebooks and the Google Apps for Education suite will continue to support the school’s strong Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum.

* * *

St. Ephrem’s first annual Glam Night fundraiser was held in the school’s new School Hall on May 15.An admission fee of $10 included appetizers and a complimentary glass of wine.Attendees had a great time chatting with friends and, of course, shopping!

More than 30 vendors displayed a variety of items, such as jewelry, designer handbags, summer footwear, beauty products, and cooking and baking utensils. There were several raffle baskets, door prizes, a lotto board, and a 50/50.Brenda Avignone, a Home School Association member, was Glam Night’s chairperson.

The second annual Glam Night will be held in April, 2015, with even more members of the local community participating as vendors and customers. Mark your calendars.Vendors who are interested in participating, especially those who cater to men’s preferences, can contact Brenda Avignone at the school’s Home School Association number, 718-748-6610.

* * *

Poets are made at I.S. 303 in Coney Island. On April 24, National Poem in Your Pocket Day provided a wonderful opportunity for student poets to present their work. Through their poems, they expressed their feelings and enabled listeners to get to know them. The school community can’t wait to hear what the students will be sharing next year!

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