Pop the Champagne Diamond for Your Seasonal Fashion Transition

(NewsUSA) – Are you still trying to find the perfect accessory to your summer-to-fall-transition fashion staples? The answer may be as simple as adding the color of one gemstone: champagne diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Australia.

What we are seeing from the latest 2014 fall fashion trends is a match fit perfectly for champagne diamondsSince the diamond’s color is natural, it’s categorized as a fancy colored diamond. Yet, this word really doesn’t do it justice considering its rarity — for every 10,000 white diamonds, there is only one natural-color diamond. Despite its rarity, however, the champagne diamond remains price accessible, making it attainable for nearly anyone.

So which colors will fashionistas be coupling with Argyle champagne diamonds this season?

* Jewel tones. Metallic fabrics in shades ranging from cranberry and hot pink to deep emerald, teal, orchid, honey mustard, wine and crimson highlight this category.

* Bright tones. Orange, tangerine, cherry, fuchsia, caution yellow, lime and cobalt will surely pop this fall.

* Neutral tones. Fitting perfectly with the champagne diamond color spectrum, tones like loden, pea green, camel, cocoa, toffee, ivory, dove grey, grey, charcoal and ink were showcased in the 2014 spring shows as fall and winter must-haves.

* Soft tones. If pastel-style color is more your thing, consider tones like carnation, dusty rose, nude, peachy nude, ice blue, lilac and lavender.

No matter what colors you decide to sport during the transition to cooler seasons, be assured that Argyle champagne diamonds are a formidable fashion must-have with every style, including rocker chic, athletic wear, casual elegance and red carpet drama.

The good news for those looking to maximize their fashion purchases is that champagne diamonds go with nearly any clothing category, says O’Connor. The warm, neutral tones of champagne diamonds easily lend themselves to summer, fall and winter wear, making the transition from lightweight summer styles to winter’s layered looks effortless.

This fall, nearly anybody can pick out their favorite outfit — whether it be silk, neoprene or denim — and feel comfortable knowing that their champagne diamond accessories will always match.

For more information, visit www.diamondswithastory.com.

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