Unsung Bay Ridge: Base booster


My unsung hero of the week is Sergeant Joe DiazCarolJoe also coordinated the use of the Army Base’s Bowling Alley for admission of public school students within the area. He was one of the principal coordinators behind feeding the soldiers during 14 Twilight Tattoos. Joe helped to collect food from many restaurants and also served as chef.

He is a past commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and also a volunteer at the VA Hospital. He spends his free time with his daughters Gillian (operator of Circa Vintage Antiques, 88th Street and Third Avenue) and KellyCOMMUNITY NEWS

We give a warm Bay Ridge welcome to Colonel Joseph DavidsonErinWe welcome the Training Resource Counseling Center (TRCC), to Bay Ridge. This much needed counseling center is led by Donna Mae DePolaUNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Unsulphured or Blackstrap Molasses

A folk remedy that works wonders for low blood pressure, anemia, heart palpitations, heavy menstrual bleeding, cramps and a host of other issues is blackstrap molasses. Available at most health food stores as Unsweetened Organic Molasses, it is unsulphured and very tasty in milk or soymilk.

My home is never without this molasses as my wife swears that one tablespoon regulates her episodes of rapid heartbeat within seconds.

`Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or on any medication.

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