Unsung Bay Ridge: Helping on many fronts


Our unsung hero this week is a popular businessman in our community, though few people know of his charitable works in Bay Ridge. Wade Jabour

He also gives back to the community by holding free public meetings on home financing and tips on applying for the best mortgages. Wade is a long-time supporter of the Third Avenue Festival and Ragamuffin Parade, and can be counted on to galvanize other merchants when community projects need assistance.

He has been an officer of the Third Avenue Merchants Association since its inception, 20 years ago, and has worked tirelessly with his beautiful wife, LeslieWade Jr. and Danielle


Just a reminder of our all-day Fourth of July family day of music and fun, featuring our own Frankie Marra and his band, along with other popular bands in the park at 83rd and Shore Road. Marra and Chip Cafiero usually work very hard to bring the best acts to Bay Ridge for the Fourth of July. The family can enjoy rides, refreshments, while having a safe holiday in our neighborhood.

State Senator Marty Golden’s summer concerts kick off on July 8, featuring the Head Over Heels Band, at 79th and Shore Road. This popular band will have us rocking and rolling from 7 p.m. Bring your blankets and chairs and be prepared to have a fun night. For additional information, call Senator Golden’s office at 718-238-6044.


It is said that a crease in one or both of your ear lobes that angles downward at 45 degrees toward your shoulder, can be an early indicator of heart disease. Doctors who have studied this folk diagnosis, agreed that after eight years, the men and women who had the ear crease, had significantly higher heart-related diseases than those who did not have the crease.

Doctors have said that both thin and overweight people have the crease in equal numbers, thus dispelling the assumption that the crease is a result of extra fat on the ear lobe.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or on any medication.

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