College Guys: How to Look Dapper Even When You Live in a Dorm

(StatePoint) For college students, particularly men, grooming may not always be top of mind. Between classes, studying and all that socializing, time for such niceties can be limited. And for those living in shared spaces, communal bathrooms don’t make things any easier.

But there are a few basics every guy can do to look his best throughout his college years:


Don’t wait until your next trip home to do your laundry — you run a greater risk of letting stains and odors set.

Even if your wardrobe consists primarily of old t-shirts and jeans, regularly washing your clothes will make you look better — and smell better to boot. Additionally, a clean pillow case can help prevent acne breakouts.


A smooth shave will go a long way toward impressing professors, classmates and fellow partygoers. Unfortunately, irritation, razor burn and nicks are all too common if you cut steps or rush through the job.

Avoid mishaps by applying a thick layer of a moisturizing shave gel that contains ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe. For instance, Edge Shave Gel contains soothing conditioners and emollients to help enhance razor glide and reduce irritation from shaving. Edge shave gel offers a variety of formulas such as Sensitive, Ultra Moisturizing and Sensitive Pro-Relief, to match your unique skin type and shaving needs.

Avoid applying too much pressure to the razor. With a high-quality razor with multiple blades that shape to the contours of the skin, and a good shave gel, you won’t need to push too hard for a close shave. For example, Schick’s Xtreme3 disposable razors have three blades that actually flex to the contours of your face, and a lubricating strip with aloe to promote a comfortable shave.


If you’re traveling down the hall to a communal bathroom, you may want to streamline what you need in the shower. Invest in a shower caddy so you can hold all your items easily. Look for products that perform multiple functions, such as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Likewise, strive to keep things simple scent-wise. Make sure your after-shower products — such as deodorant and body spray — complement the scent of your washing products.

Stay Healthy

Sometimes cramming for an exam is unavoidable. But overall, you should aim to stick to a sleep schedule that offers you plenty of shut-eye. Additionally, take advantage of healthy dining options on campus and your campus fitness center. Also be sure to drink plenty of water to counteract the dehydrating effects of some of the other beverages you may be consuming.

When it comes to looking good, you don’t need to spend a lot of time — a simple grooming routine and healthy habits will go a long way.

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