Unsung Bay Ridge: A community stalwart


Our unsung hero for this week is Clorinda Annarummo; someone who has given her time and resources to the well-being of our community for many years.

Clorinda had served as a BRAVO Ambulance personnel officer for many years; having worked as a dispatcher and fundraiser. Clorinda founded and served as head of her block association. She helped with the creation of the Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst Business Alliance, while serving as chief of staff for State Senator Robert DiCarlo.

She raised sons who also contribute to the community: KennethDavidMichael Grimm’s staff.


It is always difficult to say goodbye to someone who has been an active contributor to the Bay Ridge community. Sal D’Amato

I remember the days when Sal was a big contributor to charity functions in Bay Ridge. He loved to purchase and give the raffle tickets to others. Sal was a past recipient of the Bay Ridge Community Council Civic Award for his contributions to the community. We will always remember Sal as a warm and friendly man.

Congratulations to BRAVO for celebrating 40 years of free, life-saving service within our community. Founder Hank Vogt is gone but his legacy lives on in this ambulance service.


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