Unsung Bay Ridge: Caring Cathy keeps on


This week we highlight the hard work and excellent community service of Cathy Santopietro, who has worked for years in bringing entertainment to our neighborhood. Cathy introduced many bands to Bay Ridge and is always actively raising funds for many worthy causes.

Her dedication to her volunteer work at the Fort Hamilton Army Base earned her a full time position on the civilian staff. However, she still works in bringing entertainment to our community, though she was recently promoted to public affairs officer at the military installation.

Cathy helps the community by assisting in obtaining the use of the base’s facilities for schools and not-for-profit groups. Cathy is the proud parent of her beautiful daughter, Jovan


We welcome back to Bay Ridge Erin Hennessey DavidsonJoseph Davidson. Erin was raised in Our Lady of Angels parish, and she is delighted to be back in Bay Ridge. We welcome them both to Fort Hamilton.

Fans of the Leif, Senator Street and Fifth Avenue, are delighted that it has reopened with the friendly faces of Michael Gallagher and Julie Reilly ready to serve them. The Leif had been closed for renovation, and the updated premises, menu and service are a perfect mix of the old traditions with new additions.


Vitamin E Oil/Wheat Germ OilMany people take Vitamin E oil as a daily supplement, but others use it as a folk remedy for many diseases. The parents of two 10-year-old children who were born with cataracts and could hardly see, both gave Vitamin E to their children and noticed remarkable improvement in their sight.

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Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or on any medication.

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