Upgrading Your Kitchen? Think Electric

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a passionate chef and a regular host, or you cook simple meals for just your family, you know that a highly serviceable kitchen can mean the difference between easy meal prep and a headache. A big part of this equation is your cooking appliances.

If you’re in the market for a new cooktop, oven or range, don’t neglect electric options. Even ardent gas fans will be interested to learn how new innovations in electric cooking appliances are making kitchens more functional and versatile.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider before upgrading your kitchen with new appliances:

• Easy cleaning: Time spent in the kitchen crafting meals for your loved ones can be a pleasurable experience. But few would say the same for cleaning. Opt for appliances that offer stress-free cleaning functions. Electric ovens, for example, tend to be much easier to clean than the gas variety with the benefit of powerful self-cleaning at the touch of a button. Also look for features such as removable glass doors, that can make cleanup a cinch.

• Even cooking: Roasting a chicken tonight? An electric oven means less monitoring of your dinner, as such appliances boast more even cooking with the added advantage of convection fans. Cooking on the stove-top? Electric heat can be just as or more precise and consistent with modern pot-sensing technology, high power elements and quality cookware.

• Versatility: When shopping for appliances, keep fast, efficient cooking top of mind. For example, ILVE offers a range that features induction cooking technology, which uses heat generated from magnetics instead of coils for the fastest heat transfer of any cooking surface.

The ILVE Induction range is equipped with child safety features, high power cooking elements, and pot-sensor technology. Additionally, a scope of functions can be performed with the multi-function convection oven, included rotisserie accessory and full-width warming drawer. To learn more, visit www.ilveappliances.com.

• Craftmanship: For a more functional, beautiful kitchen, it’s all about finding the intersection of cutting edge technology and craftsmanship. Consider checking out a brand such as Verona, at www.VeronaAppliances.comIf you’re upgrading your kitchen don’t make the assumption that a gas cooktop or oven is superior to electric. Explore new models and options that offer both performance and flexibility.

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