Graffiti message shocks in Shore Road Park

Ridgeites in Shore Road Park for a morning stroll or run on Thursday, September 18, were confronted by a most unpleasant sight.

The park house at 79th Street had been defaced with graffiti reading “ISIS is here, 28 days, 9/11 is an inside job.”

“I was obviously upset,” said Sue, a runner, adding, “I’m sure it was some stupid punks in the neighborhood.”

Local restaurateur Roger Desmond, who was out walking with his wife, agreed. “It sent a chill down our spine,” he told this paper. “You watch it on the six o’clock news, then you see it in Bay Ridge. It’s the reality today. You can’t ignore it anymore. It’s probably stupid kids. I’ve got my fingers crossed. It’s all you can do.”

According to a police source, “We highly believe that a bunch of kids did it.”

The source also said that the graffiti had been “deemed not a bias incident.”


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