Muffin’s Pet Connection: Pet adoptions and food concerns

PURRS PURRS: HEY JUDE… “Brock, a six-year-old, neutered kitty, current with vaccinations has been in foster care for quite some time. Black cats have it tough; there are so many of them.

“He is very gentle and sensitive, and in foster care with many other cats. He is fine with other cats or he would do well by himself where he could bond with a human. He is the rare black cat with gorgeous green eyes.

“Please fill out an application on the bottom of our home page and

“Please note: young kittens must be adopted in pairs or to households with another young playful cat or kitten to ensure proper socialization and companionship. If you would prefer a solo cat, we would be happy to recommend cats who would do best as solo cats. Please visit our homepage for more information about Zani’s Furry Friends (links for applications & donations on bottom of home page).”


TWO-YEAR child struggles with salmonella – family dogs ate contaminated dog food… After they ate, the little girl played with the family pooches, Bailey, a Shetland sheepdog and Abby, a Greyhound. Inadvertently, some of the contamination was on the child’s hands, which she put into her mouth and on her toys.

The dogs became ill after ingesting the contaminated food, and are carriers of Salmonella Infantis. The little girl is the youngest victim, battling a devastating form of salmonella, which surfaces every two to three weeks, and will invade her precious body for many years. She is now a salmonella carrier.

The Diamond dog food was produced at a South Carolina plant. In April 2012, agricultural inspectors in Michigan, found traces of salmonella bacteria, during a routine test of a bag of Diamond Pet Foods. This was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health investigators used molecular testing, matching the strain in the bag with what had sickened several residents. The salmonella outbreak two years ago infected seven people in the Carolinas. Nationally, 10 of the victims required hospitalization. The little girl is among some 50 salmonella victims in at least 20 states and Canada who health investigators have linked to the Diamond Pet Foods plant in Gaston, S.C.


KITTENS KITTENS…WE’VE GOT KITTENS – “I found four kittens, took them in, cared for them until they were big enough. I tried doing it on my own but I cannot find anyone who wants them.”

IN BAY RIDGE: beautiful black baby kittens,….

HEY JUDE: “It is Margaret from Faithful Friends Animal Hospital. We have Thelma and Louise, two beautiful 16-week-old, orange kittens at Brooklyn Vet Group, 718-331-7775.. Dr Caruso spayed them, gave them their first vaccines and they tested negative for Felv/Fiv. I would like to list them on your site please. My phone number is 718-666-7281. I am asking a $100 fee for both kittens payable to Muffins. I would like to adopt them out together if possible. Thanks, Margaret.”

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