Pet blessing held at New Utrecht Reformed Church

Bless the pets. On Saturday September 6, Brooklynites were invited to bring their beloved animals for a day of blessing and fundraising at the historic New Utrecht Reformed Church, 1827 84th Street.

“We consider it an honor to welcome our neighbors and their pets to come and be blessed on this holy ground to recognize the fact that pets bring so much joy into their human companions’ lives,” said Reverend E.J. Emerson, who blessed the animals.

The weather held up during the blessing, as dog owners mingled and shared ideas on how to train their pet.

“It’s a nice day. God made all creatures and so it’s nice for someone to bless them for us. It’s great,” said Anthony Garuccio, who brought along his dog Benson.

“This is my first time doing it here. It’s a very heartwarming event,” said Emily Fayan, who had her dog Gracie blessed.

Although only dogs showed up to the event, Emerson stated that all pets were welcome. “This is the first time I have done it. I love animals of all kind. I was hoping we’d get animals of all kinds. I was prepared for reptiles and birds,” said Emerson.

“We have a bake sale going and a jewelry sale because we need to raise money to help us restore the sanctuary,” she added. “The church was built in 1828-29 and needs renovation. We do fundraisers whenever we can. We thought it was a good thing to do in conjunction with the pet blessing”

“Our pets bless and care for us with unqualified love and faithfulness,” concluded Emerson.  “They’re a source of great joy.  This is our opportunity to thank God and to invite a special blessing for them.”

Anthony and Dorothy Garuccio with dog Benson.
Anthony and Dorothy Garuccio with dog Benson.

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