Star of Brooklyn: Joe Basso

FORMER MEMBER, Community Board 14

WORDS OF WISDOM: “I’ve always been an activist, and have always tried to make the community better,” says Joe Basso, a long-time member of Community Board 14 in Midwood and Flatbush, who recently stepped down from the board because of his health.

Stresses Basso, people can’t sit around complaining, but must do something if they want change. “If there’s something going on in your community that you don’t like, get out there and do something about it,” he urges. “There’s such an amazing feeling that comes from helping others, simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

ROLE MODELS: “My mother was a major influence in my life, along with former Community Board 10 District Manager Terry Rodie,” said Basso. “They’d give you guidance on what could or should be done in the neighborhood, and they’d push others to make sure things got done.”

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS: Throughout his years on the community board, Basso was able to accomplish several tasks to improve his community.  Specifically, he said he believes his two greatest achievements were in the fields of transportation improvements and aiding the borough’s teenagers on the path to adulthood.

“We were able to get the SBS bus service and improve transportation on Nostrand Avenue and got the street resurfaced,” Basso recalled. “In addition, we were able to keep the DOT (Department of Transportation) from getting rid of [the access from] Albemarle Road, which many commuters use as an outlet to get to Coney Island Avenue, and prevent traffic build-ups.

“Finally, we created a youth conference for teens ages 14 to19, so kids could learn how to create resumes and learn techniques to succeed in job interviews and get the jobs they desire in the future,” Basso concluded.

PERSONAL LIFE: ThoughBasso recently retired from CB 14, he still lives in Brooklyn. He worked for the T.W.U for 33 years. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Automotive High School.

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