Street Talk: Do you think there should be celebrations in Brooklyn to mark the Verrazano’s 50th anniversary?

Do you think there should be celebrations to mark the Verrazano’s 50th anniversary on this side of the bridge?

Sure. Why not? It would be a nice moment to celebrate. A day of decreased fares for drivers would be nice and it would give us all a break.

Keith B.

Bay Ridge

I guess it would be a good thing to do, as long as they bring down the prices for the day.

Tom A.

Bay Ridge

Definitely so. I recall when the bridge was being built and coming about. It’s already been 50 years and it would be great to for Brooklyn to be able to celebrate it.

Bob F.

Bay Ridge

Yeah I do. Just having another celebration would be nice for the borough.

Michael D.

Bay Ridge

They should definitely mark it. The bridge is a big part of Bay Ridge. It’s so historic. The movie “Saturday Night Fever” made it famous. I think the celebration should involve the movie in some way.

Danny M.

Bay Ridge

Yes. They should close the bridge for a day and let us walk it like I believe they did 25 years ago. Walking over it would be a lot of fun.

Mary D.

Bay Ridge

Definitely have some sort of party. After all, it is a big part of Brooklyn.

Artie D.

Bay Ridge.

Yes. They should do some sort of day for it. Maybe a festival would be a good event to have for the anniversary.

Thomas S.

Bay Ridge

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