Street Talk: How do you mark the anniversary of 9/11?

Tonight, I’m headed to the 69th Street Pier memorial event, which I have attending for the last couple of years.

Robert N.

Bay Ridge

I think about that day all the time. I lost a good friend. It’s always a very sad time.

Jimmy D.

Bay Ridge

it’s always an emotional day for me. It’s been 13 years. I lost eight friends from the Pentagon attacks. Today, I watched the president speak this morning.  I also went to the 9/11 Museum recently.

John N.

Bay Ridge

I remember and honor the heroes for what they did. The day changed everything. I try to stay away from the T.V. It’s tough to watch.

Tom B.

Bay Ridge

I just talked about it during the day. On the actual day, I was on a roof on 61st between Second and Third Avenues and saw the attacks.

Al M.

Bay Ridge

There are a lot of sad memories. I was talking about the day and all the people that were affected by it.

Dennis K.

New Jersey

It’s my mom’s birthday today, so I ‘m going to her house now to be with her. I thank God no one I knew was involved.  It’s a tragic moment along with everything going on in the world today.

Jamal K.

Bay Ridge

I watched the ceremony today as well as prayed for those heroes that passed.

Fred M.

Bay Ridge

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